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Boat and Motor Yacht Designing and Producing

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Welcome to our company’s site!

Ltd "Diabaz" is a company which can offer a wide range of services in the field of designing, producing and maintenance of launches and motor yachts. We ensure the individual approach to each of our clients and we also focus our attention on maintaining the relations with our clients.

Ltd "Diabaz" is an exclusive distributor of the МТТ company, which produces gas turbines with the capacity from 320 till 2200 hp for speed-boats and yachts, packaged fire pumps with the maximum water cannon shot of 180 m, and also TURBINE SUPERBIKE i.e. the most high-speed bike in the world. It is also an official dealer of YAMAHA Company. Ltd. "Diabaz" cooperates with the SEA TEK Company, which produces the lightest sea diesel engines with the capacity from 650 till 1050 hp.

Ltd "Diabaz" offers Italian Mega yachts made of wood and aluminum alloy at the prices of manufacturer. Mega yachts are from 18 till 53 m long.

Ltd "Diabaz" offers an assortment of propeller screws and can also install them on any kind of vessels.

Our Company Distinctions:

  • Price and Quality are in the optimum ratio
  • Individual approach to each client
  • The in-time performance of work
  • Full cycle of after-sales services and maintenance of launches and yachts


  87516, Ukraine, Donetsk region,
  Mariupol, 25 Pobeda av.
  tel. 38(0629) 58-24-35, fax: 38(0629) 58-20-19